Keystone Chapter AUSA was chartered in 1961, standing as one of the oldest chapters in the organization.

For over five decades the chapter has been active in representing all its members, active, guard, reserve, retired, and civilian on local, state, and national issues that affect the army family. The Keystone name has been synonymous with strength, honor, and integrity by being the center focus of Pennsylvania and the First Region as a whole. To increase the pride and recognition of our chapter, we renamed the chapter in memory of one of our most dedicated members,CSM (Ret) James M. McDonald.

James McDonald was tirelessly involved in the AUSA. He served on the executive board for over 20 years and more than 10 of those years he served as chapter president. His efforts helped grow the membership as well as attract influential leaders of the entire Army community to get involved with the AUSA and work to improve the life and career of the Soldier. CSM McDonald felt it was extremely important for the chapter to inform the members of issues current to the Army as well as invite quality speakers to address the chapter during general membership meetings. CSM McDonald took the Keystone chapter to the peak if its existence both in the First region and the National Organization. It was for this distinctive work that CSM James M. McDonald was honored in 2009 with the dedication of the First Region Leadership award given annually to distinctive chapter leaders.

Chapter President’s Statement

We are a small chapter, but very supportive of all Army issues and soldiers of all components.  Our membership is always growing.  We try to respond to the interests and needs of our members.  There are over 1,100 members in south central Pennsylvania.  We encourage you to come to our General Membership Meetings which are held about three times per year.  One of our meetings celebrates the Army Birthday on or near June 14th.  While this is predominately a chapter of National Guard personnel, we are also a large retiree chapter.  We encourage membership from the Active Component, the Army Reserve, DA Civilians, Veterans, Family members and quite frankly, all interested persons my join and take part in our activities. We even have US Air Force personnel among our membership!


201 Adam Dr
Lebanon, PA 17042
United States
(717) 273-5582

Chapter Posts

If you live in the tan area within Pennsylvania, you are a member of this chapter!

Contact information for the CSM James M. McDonald- Keystone Chapter's Executive Board members.