Editing Your Chapter's Homepage

Editing Your Chapter's Homepage


You can edit your homepage by clicking on the 'Edit' tab at the top left of the content area:

The 'Banner Image' section changes the photo you'd like to display at the top of your page. We recommend using an image that has a 1920x540 pixel resolution. Other sizes can be used but may result in odd stretching.

Note: Please do not change your 'Chapter Title', this is set by our software. If your chapter has changed it's official name, please contact chaptersupport@ausa.org to inform us it needs to be changes in our software.

As the primary content area, we recommend using your homepage to display important information to your visitors. Information entered into 'Description' section will display text at the top of your page, such as an introductory statement about your chapter, a Chapter President message, or any exciting news you'd like your visitors to notice.

There is also a 'Websites' area for adding important links, such as the primary email address for the chapter, phone number or a link to your chapter's Facebook Page:

You can also add links to your chapter's navigation on this page (Learn more about your chapter's navigation here). Once you've created content you'd like your visitors to be able to access, copy the new URL and add it to the 'Submenu' section.


If you are unsure how to make any edits to this page, please email itsupport@ausa.org for support.