Adding Embedded Code Tutorial

Adding Embedded Code Tutorial


You can embed script and iframe tags into any page.


Some popular resources that use these blocks of code are:

  • YouTube
  • PayPal
  • Vimeo
  • Google Calendars
  • Facebook


To enable code embeds switch the dropdown beneath the Body field to 'Full HTML'.

Then go to the Body section of the page and click the Source button on the editing toolbar. This will switch the editor to reveal HTML code for the page. It can be helpful to type INSERT CODE HERE in the editor before clicking the Source button, so you know where it will be placed.

Copy the embed code from your platform or provider.

Then paste your copied block of code directly into the Source view. Make sure you paste the code near the content you want the embed to appear.

If there is a service you are trying to embed, but receive an error message, please contact Edward Kobus at [email protected] to enable the service on your page.