AUSA Fort Bragg Chapter Warriors to the Workforce Event Panelists
Thursday, April 06, 2017

On March 28, 2017 the Braxton Bragg Chapter AUSA hosted the American Freedom Foundation for their "Planning for Tomorrow" a transition workshop aimed at helping transitioning Soldiers and their spouses understand what recruiters look for, practice their interview skills, and prepare their resumes.  The chapter provided the moderators, Sharon Lewis (state president) and Wally Wallace (chapter vice president).  They led the the panel in discussions as to what their companies look for, with each addressing a different element of the job search.  There were questions from the 75 attendees regarding the specifics of their situations.  Of the five panelist, four were former active duty Soldiers or military spouses, while the fifth was a military brat by his description.

Sandy Wiek, a former captain and hires for the construction industry; Ed Pethan, a retired LTC who hires for CVS Health; Gloria Dent, a retired CSM who specializes in hiring disabled veterans. The afternoon workshop,"Equipping You For The Game Of Life," was led by Chantell Mayes Cooley, co-founder and senior vice president, Columbia Education Group, and author.