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African American History Program

The 82D Airborne Division hosted the 2020 annual African American History Program where the keynote speaker was Major General (Retired) Rodney O. Anderson.

DATE: February 19, 2020
TIME: 12:00 – 2:00pm
LOCATION: Iron Mike Conference Center, Fort Bragg, North Carolina

The program included poems, readings and a historical summary by General Anderson.  He highlighted African American History, the 2020 African American History Month theme and shared life lessons with over 400 attending Soldiers, Veterans and Civilians.

The program included a chronological historical summary of the history of African Americans in the United States.  It also highlighted the service of Blacks in the military, even when they enjoyed few rights.

The program also included “African Americans and the Vote”, which is the 2020 theme of the national African American history celebration.  The audience was urged to register and vote.

Gen Anderson cited Army Values as one life lesson from his service in the military.  He encouraged leaders to make Army Values a key part of routine coaching, mentoring and leading in pursuit of excellence.

The program culminated with special food tasting from a broad spectrum of African American dishes.

Overall, this program served to share African American history and encourage those servicing to be proud of their service as Professional Soldiers.

By Rodney O. Anderson
[email protected]

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