Friday, July 01, 2016

a.  AUSA Five Things - “Disinformation is a way of waging war.

AUSA Five Things:  A Weekly Tip Sheet for AUSA Members, dated June 27, 2016:  “Lies, and More Lies.”  

Disinformation Review, a weekly newsletter focusing on pro-Kremlin disinformation, says there is no end to the stories regarding Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers. One unsubstantiated story says organs are being removed from soldiers who are only slightly wounded so they can be used for transplants, a new twist on tales that have been focusing on the possible threat of NATO attacking Ukraine before it attacks Russia.

What to watch: It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between accurate and inaccurate news reports, but disinformation is a way of waging war that expands as wild rumors spread like wildfire across the internet.

b.  AUSA News – “What’s the reason for the 300% increase in Aviation fatalities?”

According to a recent statement from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center Aviation Directorate said that a rash of rotary-wing mishaps during the first quarter of 2016 resulted in a 300-percent rise in year-to-date aviation fatalities that persisted well into the new year. “We clearly must take swift action to protect Soldiers and Army equipment from unnecessary loss,” the statement said.

Read more: https://www.army.mil/article/170217/army_aviation_a_safety_evaluation

c.  Industry Affairs – “LANPAC - Room for growth?”

Last month, AUSA came back from Hawaii, reporting incredible success! The ILW LANPAC Symposium and Exhibition was held for the third year in a row at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. The symposium wasn’t just attended by Army Leadership, but also by members of the US Coast Guard, US Marines, US Navy, and US Airforce; not to mention, an increased presence from our international military attendees. Working together among the different branches of the US Military, as well as working with our international counterparts, only reinforced the theme of this year’s meeting: Assuring Stability and Security – Strengthening Land Force Teams.

This year’s success was due mostly to the increase in the number of exhibits and attendees (this year, approximately 74% of attendees and exhibitors were Government or Active Military). LANPAC’s exponential growth and success year after year means that it is a symposium and exhibition defense industry companies do not want to miss. Exhibitors not only get access to more than 15,00 dynamic attendees from military commands, they also have the opportunity to attend informative and relevant panels and discussions that will help shape their business models when dealing with the Army. These educational panels discuss where the Army is, where they want to go in the future, and what they need to get there.  In what other ways can AUSA’s ILW LANPAC and Symposium grow?

For more information on LANPAC’s success, visit our website.

d.  AUSA Book Program – “ The British Army’s selfless leadership. “

The British Army’s Leadership book for its newly commissioned officers is aptly named “Serve To Lead,” and is a compilation of quotes, examples, and principles that have stood the test of fire in that army’s long history of service. Foremost for its leaders, has been selflessness. While Hollywood and Yankee prejudices have often interpreted our “cousins” badly, their leaders do “stand in front” when the fire is hottest, and their NCO corps is renowned for its impeccable standards. Whatever they join for, tradition or to find a home, “they serve first.” Their leaders don’t reflect on “jeopardizing their good deals” or “risking their careers” over what needs to be done. Having served alongside them, it was refreshing to see leaders who focused on what they were doing as opposed to where “they were going” in future assignments.

Roger Cirillo, PhD
Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired
Book Program Director

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