Friday, March 10, 2017

a.  AUSA News - “Why are you a member of AUSA?”

The Special Report in the March issue of AUSA News features articles from the AUSA national headquarters staff discussing the importance and benefits of membership in the Association. What motivated you to join AUSA?

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b.  AUSA Five Things – “Army National Guard and Army Reserve units are in demand.”

AUSA Five Things:  A Weekly Tip Sheet for AUSA Members, dated March 6, 2017: “Total Force Mission Persists.

Demand continues for Army National Guard and Army Reserve units to deploy on contingency operations. For example, South Carolina Army National Guard’s 742nd Support Maintenance Company from Eastover, S.C., just started a month of training before deploying to Eastern Europe. They’ll be supporting the 16th Sustainment Brigade by repairing vehicles, small arms and electronics.

What to watch: The South Carolina unit’s mobilization is only one example of the National Guard and Army Reserve mobilization for continuing missions. The maintenance company will be mobilized for about a year, including the predeployment training

c.  Family Readiness – “Help! I Need to Find Child Care Off Post!” by Patty Montes-Barron, Director, Family Readiness.

Over the past month, the federal hiring freeze has become a challenge for some Army families. At least three child care centers on three different Army installations have been forced to reduce child care slots due to the inability to hire employees.

Child care staff positions are paid through nonappropriated funds and are usually exempt from hiring freezes. However, the Implementation of Workforce Hiring Freeze memorandum, issued Feb. 3 by the Department of Defense, clearly states that “the freeze impacts all Department of Defense positions, regardless of funding source.”

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d.  Family Readiness – “Cessation of Hourly Care: There Goes My Sanity.” By AUSA Guest Blogger

My hands shook as I read the letter for the fourth time, trying to wrap my mind around what it was saying. “Effective immediately, the Childhood Development Center will no longer provide hourly care or drop-in services”. Due to the Federal Hiring Freeze, there weren’t enough providers to go around, and priority had to be given to children with dual military, single, or working parents.

Of course the priority had to go to them; it makes sense. There has to be childcare for those with no one at home. I tried my best to force my logical side to take over, but the emotional side of me, and my sinking stomach, refused to let go of my thoughts. There goes my sanity.

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Should veterans be able to use private hospitals if the VA has backlogs?

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