AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year

AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year


The AUSA Volunteer Family of the Year Award recognizes an exceptional Army family whose dedicated volunteer service significantly contributes to improving Army well-being and the well-being of the local community. 


Please use the following criteria when seeking families to nominate:

  • At least two members of the nominated family must be currently volunteering for community, installation, or unit programs (not necessarily at the same location) beyond what would be expected because one’s position in a unit or place of employment. Please do not include volunteer dates before April 2021.
  • The AUSA Family Readiness Directorate believes that the entire family supports the efforts of dedicated volunteers in the family unit. It is not necessary for each family member to provide specific volunteer service but at a minimum two family members must have a proven record of volunteering activities for the family to be nominated.
  • Nominated family members must have demonstrated outstanding leadership in planning, organizing or directing a major event or program that has resulted in a tangible benefit to the community or to Army families.
  • At least one nominated family member must have a demonstrable pattern of volunteering, leadership, and achievement which has been recognized by other awards which begin at Brigade or installation level. 


  • Regular Army
  • Army National Guard
  • U.S. Army Reserve
  • Army Retiree
  • Army Civilian
  • Surviving Army Family Member

Previous national award recipients, current AUSA chapter officers and their families are not eligible. 

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Previous Recipients

2002 SFC Lynn J. Dedeaux Family
2003 SSG Michael McClaran Family
2004 CSM Brian Wiles Family
2005 SGT Jon Kerr Family
2006 CSM Darrel Calton Family
2007 LTC John R. Chavez Family
2008 LTC Ronald Rallis Family
2009 MAJ Kevin Bolke Family
2010 MSG Evalani Faniel Family
2011 SGT Jeremy Barnhart Family
2012 CPT William Mendelsohn Family
2013 1SG Tommy Flores Family
2014 SFC Charles Hindbaugh Family
2015 SGT Blagoy Pogoncheff Family
2016 MAJ Craig Young Family
2017 SFC Eryn Seidl Family
2018 SSG Vincent Pastore Family
2019 The Ellwein Family
2020 SSG Casey Raines Family
2021 1SG Justin Dixon Family
2022 SFC Timothy Tomasura Family
2023 LTC Robert Shipley Family