AUSA Now Education Corner

AUSA Now Education Corner

AUSA’s educational initiatives comprise a number of publications and programs, including research papers, books, symposia, legislative efforts, an emphasis on the needs of Army families, a focus on enlisted Soldiers, and, finally, podcasts that incorporate all of these elements in turn.

Education & Programs

The Association of the United States Army (AUSA) informs and educates its members, local, regional and national leaders and the American public on subjects related to the U.S. Army. AUSA provides educational materials and resources such as publications, forums, symposia, books and podcasts for Soldiers, their families and anyone seeking to learn more about the Total Army.



Speakers' Bureau

Senior Fellows

Writing Program

Family Readiness

The Family Readiness Directorate is dedicated to providing Army families the tools and resources they need to help them manage the challenges of the military life cycle. Through three pillars of support; educate, inform, connect, AUSA Family Readiness aims to connect with Army families, both past and present, in impactfull ways.

Your Soldier, Your Army: A Family Guide

Customs, Courtesies & Traditions of the United States Army

Family Resources

Forums & Events

Military Familiy Studies

Ultimate Guides

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Book Program

The AUSA Book Program offers quality books about Army heritage, military theory and policy, and security in the modern world. One of its goals is to foster an understanding of the emerging security environment. This program permits AUSA members to purchase these titles at a discounted rate.

Medal of Honor Graphic Novel Series

AUSA Books

AUSA Book Articles

Army Matters Podcast Series

Each Monday AUSA’s Army Matters will bring you vital Army conversations and interviews on issues relevant to Soldiers, military families and all the amazing Army supporters out there.

Segments include:

  • Soldier Today – Hosted by SMA Dan Dailey, USA Retired – focuses on trending topics and professional development for today’s NCO.
  • Army Real Talk – Hosted by Nzinga A. Curry and LTC Brittany Woods, USA – reaches the future generation discussing defense and Army matters.
  • Family Voices – Hosted by Patty Barron – connects with military families with impactful messaging and interviews.
  • Thought Leaders – Hosted by Joe Craig and COL Dan Roper, USA Retired – provides interviews of contemporary military authors and senior Army leaders.

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NCO & Soldier Programs

Campaign Streamers of the United States Army

The Sergeants' Major of the Army: On Leadership and the Profession of Arms