Vet Tix provides soldiers, veterans and families event tickets

Vet Tix provides soldiers, veterans and families event tickets

Monday, January 30, 2017

Army life has its challenges. While being a soldier brings valuable skills, camaraderie and positive life experiences, it also requires frequent moves, significant stress and long separations from family.

If you’ve recently returned from deployment, training or are just looking for a way to spend time with your family and friends, there are few better ways to relax than to attend a concert, take in a football game or watch a theater play in your community.

But these fun and exciting opportunities typically come with a hefty price tag.

To help alleviate some of the stress of military life, the nonprofit Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) provides free event tickets to thousands of events across the nation each year for service members and veterans from all branches of the military.

That means that soldiers (including Army Reserve and National Guard members), Army veterans and Army families who become Vet Tixers can strengthen family bonds without breaking the budget, and in the process help heal some of their hidden wounds.

Vet Tix is more than an organization handing out ticket stubs (though we have given out more than 2.5 million tickets).

We stand for four key values in supporting the military community: patriotism, support and recognition, quality of life, and family.


Veteran Tickets Foundation began in 2008 when founder and CEO Mike Focareto attended Super Bowl XLII in Glendale, Ariz., and noticed several empty seats around him.

Focareto thought about how much deserving men and women who served our country would enjoy this classic – and expensive – American experience.

Vet Tix is patriotism at its core, honoring and supporting the men and women who serve and who have served our country by teaming up with major sports teams, leagues, promoters, organizations, venues and everyday ticket holders to provide free and discounted tickets to currently serving service members and veterans.

Support and Recognition

From the start, Vet Tix has been committed to support and recognize to those who gave through service, and providing Americans a simple outlet to express thanks and gratitude as well.

Medically retired Army sergeant Justin Bond is one Vet Tixer who felt supported and recognized after having his Hero’s Wish granted.

Sgt. Justin Bond, wounded in Fallujah, had his Hero’s Wish granted when he took his wife and two daughters to Disneyland.

Bond was injured in the battle of Fallujah and exposed to burn pits while serving in Iraq. He spent years in and out of the hospital for surgeries and chemotherapy, missing important parts of his daughters’ childhoods.

He came to Vet Tix with a wish: For years he had wanted to take his daughters to Disneyland, he wrote before his trip, and “now they are a perfect age and I am almost surgery-free for the rest of this year.”

“It was truly a weekend we will never forget and we honestly and truly would not have been able to go without your support,” wrote Justin after his trip. Thanks to several Hero’s Wish donors, this Army veteran and his family enjoyed a trip of a lifetime at Disneyland.

Quality of Life

Soldiers serve and sacrifice for our life and liberty; we support their pursuit of happiness. Providing access to live entertainment helps reduce stress and encourages soldiers to stay engaged with their communities.

In November, Rodney, an active-duty soldier, had just returned home late the previous night from a remote mission, and despite a lack of sleep, was able to spend the day watching the Colorado Buffaloes play the Washington State Cougars in college football.

Rodney, an active-duty soldier, and his son attend the Colorado Buffaloes – Washington State Cougars game.

“The University of Colorado’s military appreciation day reminded me just how grateful I am to serve our great country. I enjoy watching the Buffs so much that it was the perfect welcome home present from being away.”

Rodney’s testimonial is a reminder that sometimes all a soldier wants or needs is some much-needed R&R and a chance to relax at a game.


Soldiers rely on the support of their Army families. We strengthen family bonds by encouraging shared experiences in the community that create lasting memories.

Katrina, an Army veteran, got to watch the NBA’s Washington Wizards play the Sacramento Kings through Tickets for Troops. “We had a wonderful time and saw an exciting overtime win,” Katrina wrote.

Adding, “I am grateful for the donors on their generosity. They have provided an opportunity to relieve stress and bring joy to our family.”

Katrina, an Army veteran, attends a Washington Wizards – Sacramento Kings game through Tickets for Troops.

Whether you’re back from a deployment, moving to a new area, or just looking to have some fun in your city with your Army family, Vet Tix is a great way to get out there and make lifelong memories. The only expense you’ll ever pay is a small delivery fee for each set of tickets. Sign up at to see what tickets are offered in your area.

(Editors note: Steven Weintraub is chief strategy officer, Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) and a colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Vet Tix is ranked as the 2016 top-rated nonprofit in the United States by GreatNonprofits.)