Support AUSA – The Total Force Army’s Professional Association

Support AUSA – The Total Force Army’s Professional Association

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Thank you to all of you who support the Association of the United States Army through your membership and participation.

Why join AUSA?

We think there are many reasons, but we also think that each person likely joins for a different one.

For me, a compelling reason to be a member of this Association is to stay connected with the people, the issues, and the challenges that I’ve spent my entire life supporting.

How better to be a Soldier for Life than to be a member of the Army’s Professional Association?

Whether you are in the Regular Army, Army National Guard, or Army Reserve; a veteran with three years service, or a retiree with 35; a spouse or other family member; a cadet at the Military Academy or in ROTC preparing to serve; a major defense supplier; a business trying to understand how to do business with the Army, or a citizen of the U.S. or an allied country who believes strongly in what our Army stands for, AUSA has something of value for you.

AUSA celebrates its 67th birthday this year with a focus on expanding our membership.

We believe in the value we provide to America’s Army.

We are asking each of our current members to get one more like-minded person to join our Association. Get one more member so we amplify our voices to even greater purpose.

So many people support America’s Army.

But what is less clear is their understanding of the full range of issues and challenges that soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians, veterans, retired soldiers and family members face every day.

AUSA helps the Army tell its story and the many stories of those who serve.

In a sense, we are the U.S. Army’s extended family, as well as its professional association.

We have 119 chapters in nine regions located throughout our nation and around the world, led by the most committed corps of volunteers – business and civic leaders, veterans and retirees, soldiers of all components and ranks, and our irreplaceable family members.

They volunteer to serve because they care. They also get tremendous satisfaction from the good they do in their communities.

We hear that many of our members are most interested in our ability to engage with Congress on legislation that affects soldiers, veterans, retirees, and families. Many members value the business and community opportunities AUSA provides.

Some are avid supporters of the educational materials and forums – monthly editions of ARMY Magazine and AUSA News, Hot Topic forums and symposia, special family programs, the Institute of Land Warfare lecture series and books.

Many tell us they like the discount programs for insurance, travel and other services.

The Army Ten-Miler and Annual Meeting and Exposition receive very high marks from those who are able to attend these events.

Membership in the Association of the U.S. Army – AUSA – is the key to providing a voice for all components of America’s Army, fostering public support for the Army’s role in national security, and providing professional education and information programs.

AUSA carries member voices to Capitol Hill, to citizens who support, but may not know our Army very well, and to our members by strengthening their bonds with America’s Army.

We know that the value of engaging more people multiplies the benefits that build and strengthen our connections. We plan to keep growing valuable programs, and we will do that best if we have the voices of more members.

The articles and inserts in this special report give more details about what is happening at national and local chapter levels – we have the greatest volunteer supporters.

Individuals can join for $40 for a two-year membership; $75 for a five-year membership; and $400 for a life membership. And as a special rate for soldiers in the ranks of E1–E4, warrant officer candidates, cadets and OCS candidates: $10 for a two-year membership.

To put this in perspective, when I joined AUSA 30-plus years ago, I paid $525 for a life membership. Many of you did, too. I don’t regret it. But, if we charged the same amount today adjusted for inflation, it would cost over $1,000 – $400 looks really good when you look at it that way.

We hope you’ll share this news and membership applications with others who share our values and seek the same goals – providing a Voice for the Army and Support for the Soldier.

If you are a member, you already know that you cannot join a finer group of people.

With great appreciation and commitment to our mission, thank you to all the national staff and volunteers of the Association of the U.S. Army!