Rose, Horsager, 75th Ranger Regiment, are 2017 Best Rangers

Rose, Horsager, 75th Ranger Regiment, are 2017 Best Rangers

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The 75th Ranger Regiment team of Capt. Michael Rose and Master Sgt. Josh Horsager, 75th Ranger Regiment, captured the 2017 Best Ranger title April 9 after three-days of grueling competition during the 34th annual David E. Grange Best Ranger Competition at the Maneuver Center of Excellence, Fort Benning, Ga.

The team maintained the number one ranking going into the third day after a strong showing overnight and through the final day of events, which included the Darby Queen obstacle course, water confidence course and the final buddy run.

Capt. Michael Rose and Master Sgt. Josh Horsager pose for the official winner’s photo, holding the iconic Colt .45 M1911 pistol, at the Ranger Memorial. (Photo by Markeith Horace)

Rose was also a member of the 2014 winning team.

The 75th Ranger Regiment team was able to slip past Staff Sgt. Carlos Mercado and the 2009 winner Master Sgt. Chad Stackpole of the 82nd Airborne Division Team that finished in second place.

“This competition was just as tough as the last one, my body is toast right now” said Rose, a member of the 2-75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Lewis, Wash.

Adding, “I’m more proud of this win because we brought the title back to the 75th Ranger Regiment and this one is for them.”

His partner, Horsager, echoed that sentiment.

“This is something I’ve looked forward to since I joined the Army,” said Horsager.

He added, “It’s been one of my career goals and I’m proud to represent the 75th Ranger Regiment.”

Rounding out the top three was last year’s winning team of Capt. Robert Killian and Staff Sgt. Erich Friedlein of the Army National Guard.

Of the original 53 teams beginning the competition, only 21 completed the Buddy Run on the final day.

Rose and Horsager complete the Buddy Run, the final event of the grueling competition.

U.S. Army Ranger teams and 106 Rangers from around the world participated in the competition that has been compared to the Ironman and Eco-Challenge competitions.

The Fort Benning event challenges two-man Ranger teams in events that test physical conditioning, Ranger skills and team strategies.

The events are purposely scheduled back-to-back and around the clock for 58 hours, allowing little time for rest and meals.

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