Nominations submitted for AUSA Council of Trustees

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Nominations to serve on the Association of the United States Army’s Council of Trustees were submitted by the national nominating committee to the council for consideration at its meeting at AUSA headquarters in late January.

Five serving council members, Nicholas D. Chabraja, chairman; Gen. Dennis J. Reimer, USA, Ret.; Lt. Gen. Larry R. Jordan, USA, Ret.; Valerie L. Baldwin; and Sgt. Maj. Of the Army Robert E. Hall, USA, Ret., were nominated to serve as trustees for three-year terms.

In addition, the following were nominated to serve a two-year term, to expire in 2013: Lt. Gen. David H. Ohle, USA, Ret., vice chairman for retiree and veteran affairs; George T. Singley III, vice chairman for civilian affairs; Lt. Gen. Roger C. Schultz, USA, Ret., vice chairman for National Guard and reserve affairs; and Sgt. Maj. of the Army Jack Tilley, USA, Ret., vice chairman for noncommissioned officer and soldier programs.

If members wish to make an additional nomination to the council, the Association’s bylaws require that AUSA national headquarters receives a petition for candidacy, supported by at least 250 signatures of bona fide members, with at least 40 signatures from each of four chapters.

The nominations must be received at national headquarters by March 31.

Elections will be held at the May Council of Trustees meeting.