New laser cartridge is versatile, safe and easy to use

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

While laser-based firearms training simulators have long proven their worth for safety and effectiveness, they still are costly and often limited to certain weapons and venues.

Laser Ammo USA Inc., the U.S. arm of the Israel-based Laser Devices Inc., believes they have a better solution – its SureStrike Laser Cartridge.

In a demonstration at Laser Ammo’s booth at the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting and Exposition, held Oct. 22-24 in Washington, business development specialist Chen Shoshani demonstrated the cartridge’s versatility and ease of use.

"You put the cartridge directly inside the gun’s chamber," Shoshani said. "There’s no vibration or sound, and it’s only activated by the firing pin."

Available at prices ranging from $100 to about $550, the laser cartridge allows firearms owners to engage in firearms training with any laser-receiving product, including electronic targets and simulators, and the Setcan Corporation’s MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) Stress Vest.

It is the only device on the market adaptable for pistols in MILES vest training.

Those who practice with the device a half-hour a day will see a 40-percent improvement in their firearms skills – eye-to-hand coordination, trigger pulling, and muscle memory – within two weeks, Shoshani said.

The SureStrike can be placed into the chambers of weapons ranging from nine-millimeter pistols to 20-gauge shotguns, and customized to work with existing training systems.

With the laser cartridge occupying the chamber, it is impossible to load a live round accidentally – further enhancing safety.

Developed by a former Israeli Defense Force special-forces sniper, the laser cartridge is made in Israel and assembled at the company’s facility in Great Neck, N.Y.

The laser is rated to run 10,000 hours. Used extensively by the IDF, the laser cartridge has garnered interest from members of the U.S. armed forces’ counterterrorism community, Shoshani said.