Huntsville, Ala., is site for AUSA Winter Symposium and Exposition

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Association of the United Sates Army officials announced April 18 that the 2014 AUSA Winter Symposium and Exposition will be held, for the first time, in Huntsville, Ala.

Traditionally, this symposium is conducted with support from a featured command, namely the U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) or the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).

The Army Material Command, headquartered at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, is the featured command for the 2014 symposium.

Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, USA, Ret., president of the Association of the United States Army, said, "Locating our 2014 symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, with its close proximity to AMC headquarters, will allow us to maximize military, civilian and industry attendance during this period of constrained budgets and limited resources. This is a superb opportunity for their professional development and remains very cost effective."

Adding, "As a well-respected professional development forum, the Association’s annual winter symposium and exposition will continue to provide an all-important platform for participants to learn about and see not only what the Army needs, but also what industry is developing in the latest and best technologies to arm, equip, sustain and protect our soldiers for the future fight."

Other commands and agencies at Redstone include the: Army Aviation and Missile Command, Army Security Assistance Command, Army Contracting Command, Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Command, Army Space and Missile Defense Command, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, to cite a few.

Huntsville is also the home of the Association’s Redstone – Huntsville Chapter with over 2,600 military and civilian members.