Chandler praises AUSA’s track record

Friday, March 01, 2013

Our Army faces substantial challenges over the next year, but I am reassured by the fact that the Association of the United States Army is working tirelessly to represent the needs of the force.

AUSA’s track record speaks for itself.

For nearly 63 years you have served as the "Voice for the Army" on Capitol Hill and with senior civilian leaders, lobbying for the equipment, pay and other vital resources needed to keep our Army the best in the world.

Quite simply, the dedicated professionals in your association allow the Army’s professional soldiers to accomplish their mission, whether it is overseas or at home.

As our all-volunteer Army continues to transform, I know your staff and members across the country will continue to support the Army by sharing the news of the selfless service of our heroes in uniform.

For more than 11 years of persistent conflict and counting, they have been there when our Nation needed them, and they continue to do so.

Your work represents all of these Soldiers – Active, Guard and Reserve – and their families, as well as retirees, veterans and our civilian work force.

I am especially thankful for your emphasis on continuing care of our wounded warriors.

Thanks, and as I often say to our Soldiers: "See you on the high ground!"


Raymond F. Chandler III

Sergeant Major of the Army