AUSA value-added member discounts keep families connected

AUSA value-added member discounts keep families connected

Friday, April 1, 2016

I am the proud mother of a young soldier currently serving in Fort Hood, Texas.

I have a Family Membership in AUSA and my son has a Regular Army Membership.

I am very fortunate that we have a great relationship built through our love of adventures.

When he was a little boy, I ignored those voices who warned me not to travel with little ones and took him to the other side of the world (I promise we did not bother the other airplane passengers – too much).

My son was nine years old when we visited Greece. We went snorkeling in the Aegean Sea near Crete to find sunken treasures, and explored the Minoan caves.

We went spelunking in Spain and Belize, where he terrified me with a scorpion on his hand he discovered on the jungle path where we were hiking.

Today, although I am taking a back seat in his life, he does make time for me when an opportunity for a weekend of exploration presents itself.

On these weekends, I fly to Dallas, rent an inexpensive car (with my AUSA car rental discount) and begin the three-hour drive to Fort Hood.

Recently, we went mountain biking near Lake Belton. When I left Virginia it was a nippy 36 degrees with snow flurries, but it was 82 degrees when we peddled on that Texas mountain side.

Needless to say, my young soldier outmaneuvered me at every turn, and I was the only one who came home with a skinned knee.

At the end of our day together, my son gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you mom for another great adventure."

AUSA helps me stay connected with my son.

Our AUSA memberships allow us to take advantage of Choice Hotels International Discounts (1-800-258-2847 ) and reduced car rental rates:

Alamo: 800-354-2322 (Rental for under age 25 available)

AVIS: 800-331-1441

Budget: 800-455-2848

Hertz: 800-654-6511

National: 800-CAR-RENT.

These are often a greater value than the rates my son gets as a member of the military.

For AUSA membership information and our new 2016 dues rates, see the ad on Page 16 of this issue of AUSA News.

Angelika Ruehr

Membership and Marketing