AUSA member shopping discounts – Something for everyone

AUSA member shopping discounts – Something for everyone

Friday, July 28, 2017

For this month’s benefits highlight, the focus is shopping discounts.

Sometimes discounts for members appear organically. I had a meeting with one of our partners, and the representative left me a pair of socks as a parting gift.

How odd, I thought. I gave them to a friend. He texted me a few days later – “How do I get more of those socks? I need 10 pairs! Throwing my other socks away.”

He has neuropathy, which makes his feet numb. Numbness changes to pain after he’s been on his feet an hour into the work day. His feet didn’t hurt at all the day he tried them.

He thought it was a fluke and wore his regular socks the next day, but was in pain one hour into his day. I found out where to get them and he ordered 10 pairs.

What’s so special about these socks?

The company was started by a marine looking for more comfortable socks during his Iraq deployment. He wrote a friend in the sock business asking for an alternative because of the sand and the heat and problems with blisters and hot spots.

His friend sent him a pair of Sand™ Military Boot Socks and saved the day.

Upon return from Iraq, the two went into business creating a company called Covert Threads to develop a line of socks and other improved garments for the service member – or anyone looking for comfortable, rugged socks that stand up to the rigors of harsh climates.

The Sand™ Military Boot Socks (along with all their other sock styles) are manufactured in the USA and are engineered specifically for hot-to-moderate climates.

They boast a “stay up” top with hugging support, abrasion resistant nylon on the exterior of the Achilles, a special “Y” heel for better fit to the contour of the foot, Silver Lining™ to help prevent infections and fight foot fungus, special wool to fight friction and hot spots helping to prevent blisters, instep flex zone prevents bunching, built-in arch support and breathable vapor mesh.

I contacted Covert Threads and, though they already have military/bulk pricing, they’ve agreed to an additional discount for AUSA Members. Visit and use code “AUSA”. If you see a deal for 5 percent off to sign up for email, that’s in addition to your 7 percent off for a total of 12 percent. Also, you get a free pair for every five you purchase, three free when purchasing 10.

‘Of-the-Month’ Clubs

We’ve heard from younger members that they like “of the month” programs; specifically Blue Apron and RunnerBox. (They named others and we are speaking with those companies.)

Both Blue Apron and RunnerBox agreed to additional discounts for AUSA members, generally better than you should find on your own.

Blue Apron delivers all the fresh ingredients and recipes you need, in exactly the right proportions, to make simple, seasonal home-cooked meals.

Blue Apron’s culinary team creates new recipes each week, so you’ll learn to cook with new ingredients, cuisines, and techniques. Discover a better way to cook – and as an AUSA member, take $40 off your first order at

And for the runners, cyclists and triathletes who also like monthly boxes, try RunnerBox.

Runnerbox curates subscription boxes for runners, cyclists and triathletes. Products are researched, tested and hand-picked just for you. Endurance products delivered to your door, starting as low as $20.

Choose subscription boxes, one-time gift boxes and Limited Edition specialty boxes. AUSA members receive 20 percent off their first box with code AUSA at

Premium brands

It can often be challenging to find the best pricing on brands that are considered “Premium.”

I always search for promo codes online that can be added to sales prices – anything to be sure I’m getting the best price possible.

If your preferences run to brands like YETI, Black Diamond, Sperry, Vortex Optics, Costa Del Mar and Benchmade, our new relationship with Provengo may present good deals for you.

Provengo is a defense contractor that has been supplying DoD for more than 12 years. They now have a full service ecommerce website which features 20-60 percent savings on premium brands – and only those they actually inventory.

This means if you order it by noon EDT, it will ship same day. The deals are not open to the general public. Visit to sign up.

Just in time for back to school

You may have previously tried to use your AUSA Apple discount and were disappointed to learn it didn’t include iPads.

Apple has recently improved its member benefit program, so your AUSA discount is now good on Macs, iPads, AppleCare and some Apple accessories.

Visit, or call 800-MY-APPLE and identify yourself as an AUSA member/employee.

Or, provide “AUSA” or “Association of the United States Army” ID proof when you’re in the Apple Store.

If you’re a PC person, we’ve improved the Dell/AUSA discount as well.

Simply take 10 percent off your order as an AUSA member. Visit and click “get coupon” for a personalized coupon just for you.