AUSA Hot Topic focuses on role of Army aviation in Force 2025

Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Association of the United States Army will hold a one day Hot Topic forum titled "Army Aviation: Fully Committed in a Complex World to Winning Today, Tomorrow and in the Future," on Jan. 29 at the Crystal City Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va.

This will be the first of seven Hot Topic events in 2015, to include:

Army Air & Missile Defense, Feb. 12, Crystal Gateway Marriott

Army Installation Management, March 10, Crystal Gateway Marriott

Army Sustainment, June 3, Crystal Gateway Marriott

Army Network, July 16, TBD

Army Medical, Sept. 22, TBD

Army Cyber, Nov. 10, TBD

The Army provides our nation with the ability to prevent, shape and win in the land domain.

Army aviation is an indispensable component of strategic land power focused on providing ground maneuver commanders and soldiers with the necessary speed, agility, lethality, survivability, depth and networked situational understanding to overmatch any adversary.

The purpose of the AUSA Institute of Land Warfare (ILW) Army Aviation Hot Topic is to provide a forum for professional dialogue among senior government officials, military leaders and industry executives regarding Army aviation’s approach to man, train and equip the current and future force in the context of worldwide operational commitments, the Aviation Restructure Initiative (ARI) and Force 2025 and beyond.

The AUSA ILW Army Aviation Hot Topic provides a unique opportunity for senior leaders to participate in panel discussions to address human optimization and training agile and adaptive aviation leaders to win in a complex operating environment.

Senior leaders will share their thoughts on future aviation requirements, organizations, operations, training, logistics and acquisition to best sustain and equip the future aviation warfighter in support of the ground maneuver commander.

Government and military attendees will include key leaders involved in the procurement, development, sustainment, and training process for U.S. Army aviation systems.

Highlights from the agenda include:

Presentation: "The Future of Army Aviation in Land Warfare," Gen. David G. Perkins, commanding general, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command

Presentation: "Army Aviation: Fully Committed Today While Transforming for Tomorrow," Maj. Gen. Michael D. Lundy, commanding general, Aviation Center of Excellence and Fort Rucker

Panel discussion: "The Future of Cyber in Support of Strategic Landpower," moderated by Maj. Gen. Kenneth Quinlan, USA, Ret., vice president of marketing, Elbit Systems of America

Panel discussion: "The Human Dimension: Developing Agile Aviation Leaders that Thrive in Uncertainty," moderated by Brig. Gen. Peter Palmer, USA, Ret., director, EDGE Innovation Network, General Dynamics

Panel discussion: "Future Air-Ground Operations – Combined Arms Maneuver 2025 and Beyond," moderated by Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Schloesser, USA, Ret., strategic vice president, Sierra Nevada Corp

Panel discussion: "Maximizing Aviation Combat Power in the Future While Fully Committed Today," moderated by Maj. Gen. James Myles, USA, Ret., senior vice president, DynAviation, DynCorp International