AUSA’s Sgt. Maj. Bussells meets to review exchange (PX) services

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service’s Exchange Retiree Advisory Council, including Sgt. Maj. Leroy Bussells, USA, Ret., assistant director, retiree and veteran affairs, Association of the United States Army (AUSA), met in Dallas, Texas, in January to review exchange services with exchange senior leaders.

Exchange Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Mike Immler briefed Bussells and other members on the exchange’s newly updated shopping website, shopmyexchange.com.

The new site received its first major overhaul in a decade this past fall.

The updated site is designed to offer better navigation, more products and improved customer service.

Other exchange priorities in 2015 include offering more national brands in stores and online.

The exchange also plans to roll out BE FIT Experience Centers at 50 locations.

These centers will focus on national-brand athletic clothing and shoes for men and women.

In Express locations, the exchange is focused on healthy options and adding island coolers for grab-and-go convenience items.

The exchange is strengthening the sense of community as it explores the creation of entertainment centers, with multiplex theaters showing first-run movies and casual dining restaurants on many Army posts.

These centers are expected to bring active duty and retired exchange shoppers back onto their nearest military installation. The exchange’s first entertainment center at Fort Bragg is in the early planning stages, and other possible locations are being determined.

The Exchange Retiree Advisory Council is made up of members from organizations representing military retirees and their families.

Members are nominated as official representatives of their groups and selected by the Exchange Director/CEO.

As a member, AUSA’s Bussells advises the Exchange Director/CEO on issues of interest to Association members.