Army expands European Activity Set, foreign military sales

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Army Materiel Command (AMC) is adapting and preparing for an uncertain future by optimizing global sustainment, readiness and support for combatant commanders, said Lt. Gen. Larry Wyche, AMC’s deputy commanding general.

"Today, we are providing materiel readiness by realigning our Army field support brigades and battalions, building equipment activity sets, and modernizing Army pre-positioned stocks, or APS," Wyche said, delivering the keynote address at the Association of the U.S. Army’s Institute of Land Warfare Hot Topic on Army sustainment June 3.

"Activity sets allow each combatant commander to have a forward capability without permanent stationing of troops," Wyche said.

He added that the European Activity Set proved so successful that the Army chief of staff has approved growing it to a full brigade combat team.

According to U.S. Army Europe, the European Activity Set is a group of vehicles and equipment that is pre-positioned in Europe to outfit U.S. Army Regionally Aligned Forces when they rotate into theatre for training or contingency operations.

Wyche said AMC is in the process of building activity sets for U.S. Africa Command and U.S. Pacific Command, specifically for Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Bangladesh. An activity set is also being built for Special Operations Command.

Another AMC effort is security assistance, he said.

"Security assistance is a multi-billion dollar effort to build partner capacity" largely through foreign military sales, Wyche said.

Foreign military sales in fiscal year 2014 generated over 20 billion dollars for the Army, an all-time high, he added.

"We are also executing a plan to realign several of the Army’s support brigades in order to provide continuous global support" to combatant commanders, Wyche noted.

The Army is adding a sustainment brigade and route clearing package in Korea, building a humanitarian and disaster relief set for U.S. Southern Command, and fielding an additional infantry battalion in U.S. Central Command, he said.

AMC is also building 15 climate-controlled warehouses, which will improve property accountability and extended shelf life for equipment.

This effort will save the Army one hundred million dollars annually, he said.

AMC is also looking to stimulate its future workforce through the "AMC 1000" program, Wyche said.

"Through AMC 1000, AMC will offer 1,000 high school and college students intern opportunities" each year for the next five years starting in June 2015, he said.