Army’s Task Force Sabre transfers school to Afghan leaders

Sunday, February 01, 2015

After months of construction, Task Force Sabre conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 24 for a school built by coalition forces for Afghan children.

The school, built in the village of Dolana, east of the provincial capital of Charikar, is the direct result of a close-working relationship among coalition forces, the Afghan government and local leaders in the area.

Lt. Col. Mike James, commander, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment "Task Force Sabre," and the chief of staff, Col. John Thompson, 3rd Infantry Division, represented coalition forces at the ceremony.

Before the ribbon cutting, Thompson and James conducted a meeting, or a shura, in Dari with leaders from the local area to discuss development and security.

"Development in Parwan Province is possible because of the increased security that Afghan National Security Forces and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan provide," James said.

Adding, "Their work to secure these areas from insurgent influence and activity has been vital to improvements like this school."

Representing the Afghan government was Sangeen, an Afghan parliamentarian originally from the Charikar area, and Mr. Ranzbar, the Parwan minister of education.

Sangeen has been an active participant in this project, assisting coalition forces in working with the local population.

The school is one of many that international forces have built in Afghanistan over the last few years.

This is part of an effort to provide long-term stability to the area, which can be gained by assisting in basic infrastructure needs for the locals and help instill confidence in their government and civil society.

"As we provide small, relatively inexpensive developmental projects to certain areas, we see a pretty drastic decrease in criminal activity over time," James said.

He added, "As they get involved in local issues and promising endeavors, they tend to turn away from dangerous, anti-government behavior, which helps keep U.S. and coalition forces safe."

The school in Dolana was completed Dec. 16, 2014.

It is currently fully staffed with teachers and administrators, and will be able to hold classes for up to 1,000 children at any given time.

This school is being used to instruct teachers during night classes to perpetuate the Provincial Ministry of Education.