100,000 member goal – Recruit one more AUSA member

100,000 member goal – Recruit one more AUSA member

Monday, November 28, 2016

Gen. Carter F. Ham, USA, Ret., AUSA president and CEO, announced at the Presidents and Delegates Dinner held at the recent Annual Meeting and Exposition that AUSA has set a goal of reaching 100,000 members by the end of 2017.

You might be wondering how we are going to accomplish this task.

Well, just like Gen. Ham said, it starts by recruiting “one more member.”

With the holidays coming up and the special 2016 membership dues rates expiring on Dec. 31, now is a great time to get that “one more member.”

The special 2016 individual membership rates – $30 for two years; $50 for five years; and $300 for a life membership will be changing effective Jan. 1, 2017.

The new 2017 rates are: $40 for two years, $75 for five years and $400 for a life membership. Membership for privates through specialists (E-1 to E-4) and cadets will continue to be $10 for two years.

Renew your membership now – before Dec. 31 – and save money later.

Even if you are not due to renew, you can contact our Member Services Center at 1-(855) 246-6269, or membersupport@ausa.org before Jan. 1, and renew at the special 2016 rates.

You may also sign up a family member or friend for an AUSA membership as a holiday gift.

Don’t forget: AUSA membership is incredibly important. Please join us in supporting America’s Total Army, our soldiers and families.

Here’s how:

AUSA Educates: We educate our members with professional development events that help them prepare for success; we educate Congress, and state, and local elected officials about Army issues, requirements, and capabilities; and we educate American citizens about our Army and our tremendous soldiers and families.

AUSA Informs: In addition to our monthly publications, ARMY magazine and AUSA News, we publish and post the latest information about Army issues every day on www.ausa.org; we author and publish original research on the most current national security topics; and we host numerous events locally, across the nation, and at 119 chapters around the world to help the Army broadcast its messages.

AUSA Connects: We connect those who currently serve, those who have served, those who will serve, and those who wholeheartedly support America’s Army and soldiers; we host more than 500 networking events each year providing career opportunities for those planning for transition; and we connect our members to name-brand merchandise and services while saving them money.

Making it to 100,000 members by the end of 2017 is not going to be easy.

Help us in this effort by encouraging one more person to join, or one more individual in your chapter to renew his or her membership.

If we can all just get one more member, AUSA will be on its way to our goal of 100,000 members in no time.