SMA Kenneth O. Preston, USA Ret.
When GEN Peter Schoomaker, the Chief of Staff of the Army, called me the first time to tell me his decision to select me as the 13th Sergeant Major of the Army, he said, “We have a lot of work to do in the years ahead.”

Reflecting back over the last couple of busy years and looking to the future, we see more of the same ahead. Every operation and mission has tested our doctrine and training principles.

The enemy we once knew continues to evolve and adapt in an effort to destroy our forces. As long as we remain stationary and unchanging, we are vulnerable to attack and defeat.

We have the greatest Army in the world because we have the greatest Soldiers. As the enemy becomes more complex and lethal, our Soldiers deserve the most current and useful equipment to enhance their capabilities and reduce risk to injury or loss of life. I am amazed and impressed every day with the dedication and determination of these young men and women in accomplishing their dangerous daily missions.

It’s the Soldier who wins wars. The Chief of Staff has made equipping and training Soldiers his top priority. Fortunately, we have a lot of help from organizations like the Association of the United States Army.

Every veteran who has served in the global war on terrorism owes a great thanks to AUSA for their untiring dedication to the men and women serving in the U.S. Army. The Association was unfailing at ensuring Soldiers in the combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq maintained the increased imminent danger and family separation pays.

This type of support makes a difference in the lives of the Soldiers, civilians, retirees and family members who make up the Army. I am proud of AUSA and its members for standing up for today’s Soldiers, just like our Soldiers are standing up for them on battlefields around the world.

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