Soldier Excellence Awards

2015 NCO of the Year: SSG Andrew Fink  2015  Soldier of the Year : SPC Jared Tansley 2015  Army Recruiters of the Year: SSG Jared Bullock  


U.S. Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention NCO of the Year
SFC Matthew Jasper


 U.S. Army Reserve Recruiter of the Year
 SFC Joshua Hernandez 2015 Army Drill Sergeants of the Year



U.S. Army Drill Sergeant of the Year
SSG Jacob Miller


U.S. Army Rescerve Drill Sergeant of the Year

SSG Mark Mercer


U.S. Army Advance Individual Training Platoon Sergeant of the Year
                 SFC Samuel Enriquez

2015 Best Ranger Team SFC Jeremy Lemma .SFC Timothy Briggs Bainbridge Medal

SGM David G. Martinez U.S. Army Retired

is the 2014 recipient of the Sergeant Major of the Army William G. Bainbridge Noncommissioned Officer Medal. The Bainbridge Medal is awarded annually to a noncommissioned officer -- active, reserve component or retired -- contributing most to the U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

Larry L. Strickland Educational Leadership Award The Strickland Award is presented annually to a noncommissioned officer who exemplifies the Army’s vision and mobilizes others in shaping our future leaders while practicing excellent stewardship of the Nation’s most precious resource.


SFC Stuart Sword



1SG Roger Hankins

SGM Dawn Kilpatrick Memorial AUSA Scholarship Award

SFC Sadie Routzahn - See more at: http://www.ausa.org/resources/nco/awards/soldier/Pages/SoldierExcellence...