Family Readiness Presents Army Spouse: Voice for a Simpler PCS

Family Readiness Presents Army Spouse: Voice for a Simpler PCS

5-Week Online Forum to Voice Your Concerns & Inspire Change



Tired of obstacles making your PCS harder than it needs to be?

You're not alone

Going through a permanent change of station can be the pits - especially when you are navigating new rules and regulations on post.  (Why aren't they all the same?!)

Here's a little secret...

The frustration is real.  We know because we've been in your shoes.

The problem is, Army leadership doesn't always know about the concerns impacting your lives.  They're juggling 100 different things and going a 1,000 miles a minute.  They genuinely want to help.  But, it can take weeks, months, and even years to get your concerns in front of the people who ACTUALLY have the power to act.

Here's a solution:

AUSA Spouse: Voice for a Simpler PCS

It's your BEST opportunity to voice your concerns and inspire change.

The inaugural event focuses on transitioning into your new community.  No, we won't be discussing things like what to pack or broken possessions.  Instead, we're diving deep into the issues that impact your life after you've arrived.

Have you ever...

  • Tried to register a home-based business only to find out it’s a six-week process?
  • Felt frustrated by the lack of consistency in your child’s education?
  • Wanted to get involved in local politics but decided against it to save face?
  • Burnt-out trying to maintain and grow an organization through multiple moves?
  • Neglected your health while putting everyone else's needs first?

If you said "YES" to any of these issues, then this online event is for you!

We'll get your voice heard

AUSA is the official voice for Army families.  We have direct access to Army decision-makers.  And it's our job to communicate the concerns affecting your quality of life.

We've been advocating for military families since 1999.  Our efforts have impacted hundreds of thousands of lives for the better.  Now we're ready to tackle your PCS concerns head-on and take your ideas directly to the top.

But we can't do it without you...

"We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together"

-Bill Richardson

Can we really improve Army life?

Yes, we can!

Join us Thursdays in June for a FREE 5-week online forum - AUSA Spouse: Voice for a Simpler PCS.  Hosted by AUSA and sponsored by USAA.  Our goal is to help streamline processes from post-to-post for a simpler PCS.

Your Weekly Itinerary

Every Thursday in June

Facebook Live | | 12 Eastern


Thu. June 1

Erica McMannes

CEO & Co-Founder, HireMadSkills, Inc.
Registering Your Business on Your New Post - Challenges and Solutions

Thu. June 8

Christi Ham

Chairwoman, Military Families for High Standards
Maintaining Consistency in Your Child's Education

Thu. June 15

Angie Drake

Co-Founder, Homefront Progressive
Political Involvement in Your New Community: Yes, You Can!

Thu. June 22

Yvonne Coombs

Co-Founder, Operation Deploy Your Dress
Maintaining and Growing Your Nonprofit During PCS

Thu. June 29

Claire Yanta-O'Mahoney

Founder & Trainer, Fleur de Lis Fitness
Health and Wellness Happy Hour - Making Time for Self-Care


Join us and here's what you'll get in return:

  • Five presentations from military spouses who have brilliant ideas for a simpler PCS. (It’ll be informative and fun. Guaranteed!)
  • Five printable How-To Guides designed to help you crush PCS barriers and succeed.
  • Two chances to win awesome prizes.
  • Opportunity to connect online with like-minded Army spouses stationed around the world.
  • Your ideas taken directly to the top.
  • Membership into a community that advocates for a better Army life.

Are you ready for a smooth move?

AUSA Spouse: Voice for a Simpler PCS is the number one way to get your voice heard among Army decision-makers.  Please join us.

Together we are a powerful force.

Register Today!

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