Army Blended Retirement Resources

Army Blended Retirement Resources

What is the new Blended Retirement System?

The Blended Retirement System (BRS) is the military's new retirement system, which goes into effect January 1, 2018.  Under this new plan, eligible Service members will receive automatic and matching Thrift Savings Plan contributions and mid-career compensation incentive, in addition to monthly annuities for life after 20 years of service.  Found below are a number of resources covering the Blended Retirement System.

Your Retirement Journey

First Four Years






Introduction to the Blended Retirement System

A powerpoint slideshow covering a variety of details concerning the BRS

Opting In to the Blended Retirement System

A short video overview of opting in to the Blended Retirement System

DOD BRS Opt In Training Course

This official DOD training course for the upcoming opt in for BRS - the recommended first stop for anyone wanting to learn more about the BRS.

DOD BRS Calculator

A simple-to-use BRS calculator that auto-populates with a Soldier's personal information (even RC retirement points). 

Frequently Asked Questions about Opting into the BRS

A fact sheet intended to provide you with basic information about opting in to the BRS and guidance on where to go for additional information.

Infographics on the BRS (Active / Reserve Component)

Infographics with details on the switch to BRS, the options available, and details on the choices Soldiers will have to make.

DOD BRS Leader Pocket Card

A leader pocket card covering the leader's responsibilities, BRS timeline, and BRS talking points.

BRS for Military Spouses

A flyer covering the BRS changes with information on the changes for military spouses.

5 Key Points About the Military's New Blended Retirement System

Army Times Article on the BRS

BRS on Social Media

BRS Website