City’s Commission of Veterans Affairs

City’s Commission of Veterans Affairs


San Antonio Veterans!!

Join the City of San Antonio Commission on Veterans Affairs (VAC)
Volunteer Primary and Alternate Positions Available

Who May Apply:

Veterans who live within the San Antonio City limits, and who want to represent the Mayor and their City District Councilmember  

 What is the VAC’s Mission?

Commission members engage San Antonio’s veteran community and are the elected Councilmember’s “eyes and ears”

in their respective districts regarding all veteran issues, challenges, and opportunities.

 Why Serve on the VAC:

Maintain Councilmember’s situational awareness on veteran issues and concerns in their respective districts; 

ensure veterans are fully represented in their districts.

VAC Appointment:

2-year appointment aligned to Councilmember’s 2-year elected term

Meetings held third Monday of the month, every other month / 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM / location varies.

During months without meetings VAC members are responsible for scheduling meetings with their respective councilmember

 Additional Information:

Applications are vetted by individual Councilmembers: 

Find out more information here: 

Office of Military and Veteran Affairs POC: