October 3, 2016
0730MG Robert G. Moorhead Guard/Reserve Breakfast
0800The Sergeant Major of the Army Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier Forum
0930Opening Ceremony
1145Press Conference
1230United States Army Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year Recognition Luncheon
1230Corporate Member Luncheon
1230ROTC Luncheon
1300AUSA Book Program Author Presentations
1400Military Family Forum #1: An Update on Military Kids: How Are They Doing? What Do They Need?
1400ILW Contemporary Military Forum: Readiness for Today's Complex World
1400ILW Contemporary Military Forum: Modernization – Addressing Today’s Threat & Ensuring Tomorrow’s Readiness; Perspectives from Government and Industry
1400ILW Contemporary Military Forum: An Ocean Closer: Synchronizing Actions and Words from the Baltic to the Black Sea"
 October 4, 2016
0800The Sergeant Major of the Army’s Professional Development Forum
0800Army Small Business Seminar
0900Military Family Forum #2: Preparing for a Life in or Outside the Army through Financial Readiness, Military Spouse Employment and Entrepreneurship
1000ILW Contemporary Military Forum: Multi-Domain Battle: Ensuring Joint Force Freedom of Action in Future War
1000ILW Contemporary Military Forum: Installations: The Army’s Platform for Readiness
1230Dwight David Eisenhower Luncheon
1500U. S. Department of Homeland Security Breakout Session #1
1500ILW Contemporary Military Forum: Soldier Readiness
1500ILW Contemporary Military Forum: The Army Way Ahead
 October 5, 2016
0900MFFIII: A Town Hall with Senior Army Leaders
0900CMF: Threats in the 2030 Operating Environments
0930CMF: The Army and DHS Partnership: Defending and Securing the Homeland
1000U. S. Department of Homeland Security Breakout Session #2
1200Department of the Army Civilian Luncheon
1230Sustaining Member Luncheon
1400Department of Homeland Security Breakout Session #3
1400CMF: Fight Tonight with the Army We Have
1400CMF: The Future of Army Public-Private Partnerships and Cyberspace
1830George Catlett Marshall Memorial Reception and Dinner