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    • Start Date at least 14 days from day of submission

    Army 101 

    Date(s): 9/26/2013 12:00 AM  - 9/26/2013 12:00 AM 
    Sponsor: Mother Lode Chapter 
    City/State: Sacramento/CA 
    Location: HQ California Military Department, 9800 Goethe Road 
    Contact: Rev. Susan Plucker 
    Phone: 530 887-1009 
    Event Type: Special Event 
    ARMY 101 - An Educational seminar to provide information and tools to further ministry/service to the members of our armed forces and their families working and sacrificing in many ways to protect us and our way of life.

    OUR MISSION: To help insure that the pastoral community understands the roles, responsibilities and culture of our military, veterans and their families, especially those of the U.S. Army so that they can better help and support our armed forces and families that they minister to and/or serve.

    TOPICS: Military Culture, Deployment & Redeployment, Family Issues, PTSD/Sexual Assault/Suicide, Resources, How You Can Help