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19th Annual Joshua Chamberlain Lobster bake 

Date(s): 9/12/2014 3:00 PM  - 9/12/2014 7:00 PM 
Speaker(s): Cindi Piacitelli 
Sponsor: Joshua Chamberlain Chapter 
City/State: Kennebunkport, ME 
Location: Rhumb line Motor Inn 
Contact: Arthur Wickham 
Phone: 207/829-3064 
Event Type: Family Event; Membership Meeting; Special Event 
Welcome to the 19th annual AUSA Joshua Chamberlain Lobster bake, I see very familiar faces as well as others. Thank you for attending and for your support.

As most of you know I have never served in the military, but growing up in a military family it was tough – it was a challenge being a military brat especially having the Col as my Dad 
As many of you know and know what I mean.
We can never say thank you enough to our wounded warriors' or the families that have lost a loved one. Are prayers are with you each and everyday.

Those currently in war zone, I realize your sacrifices are greater during time away from loved ones.

We are so proud of you and thank you for your great service to our nation and to the world, we think of you daily in our prayers and hope that your work will be complete soon so that you might return to be with those you love.

Every time when I / we pass a soldier we say “Thank you for your Service” Saying those words never seem to be enough for what you do and sacrifice for our freedom.

You are fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters, our friends. We must never stop trying to find ways to help and honor all for the sacrifices you have made.

It is because of you sacrifices that we are able to enjoy our freedom. So with a degree of sincerity, I say simply “Thank you for your service” for all you’ve done and continue to do for this great nation.

Because I have never walked in the shoes of a soldier, I know I will never fully appreciate the sacrifices you make everyday-
This is why Col / Dad I truly want to thank you for your dedication to the military and most importantly passing this on to me. Always holding onto and never forgetting why we have our freedom.

With this being said I would like to take this time and recognize the executive board for the Chapter and to the corporate members.  With all of dedication to this chapter we would not be successful on our mission to help all the soldiers and their families.

Board members please stand as I call your name and remain standing.

Mark Cater – Family Program
Kelly Wynn – Veterans affairs
Louis Dorr –  Membership / she is out girl Friday!!
Eric Dickey – Veterans affairs
Frank Norwood – Military Funeral Honors
Col Wickham – keeping me in line….
Wayne Stilphin – past president / treasurer

I know you have heard over and over again that AUSA Maine Chapter would not be successful without the support, dedication in the pursuit of  mission of the United States Army and those who serving / have served this great nation without our corporate members.

I would like to introduce some of the corporate members that are hear today. Please take the time to speak with each of them and learn more on what there companies do.