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    The Arsenal of Democracy (AoD) Chapter formerly known as the Greater Detroit Chapter of the Association of the United States Army was chartered in 1959 with Don C. Pippel as the first Chapter President.

    The purpose of the Arsenal of Democracy of the Association of the United States Army is first to educate the public. Second, provide a forum for the professional exchange of ideas and liaison with industry and defense leaders across the State. Third, to provide resource and links to Soldiers and their family members.

    Chapter membership includes both Individual and Corporate members. The AoD Chapter represents the right side of the State of MI and the Upper Peninsula.

    The name “Arsenal of Democracy,” according to Wikipedia,  was a slogan coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of the United States, in a radio broadcast delivered on December 29, 1940.

    Roosevelt promised to help the British Empire fight Nazi Germany by giving them military supplies while the United States stayed out of the actual fighting. The announcement was made a year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor, at a time when Nazi Germany had occupied much of Europe and threatened Britain. Roosevelt referred to Detroit, Michigan as "the great arsenal of democracy" because of the rapid conversion of much of the Detroit-area automotive industry to produce armaments during World War II. The speech was "a call to arm and support" the Allies in Europe, and to a lesser extent China, in their all-out war against Germany and Japan.

    Michigan has a long history of supporting the war effort not just in Metro Detroit but across the State.