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2011OCT20 EX-COMM Minutes 




Meeting Minutes

20 October 2011


Present: Charles Hollar, John Enyart, Russell Ward, Ralph Veppert, Bob Redfield, David Hartley, Cassie Large, Art Sterling, Tim Hilton and Kevin Field

Absent:  John Fair, Chip Hassey, Dean Boerger

I.      Approval of Minutes from the 15 September 2011 EXCOMM:  Art Sterling moved to approve, David Hartley seconded, motion approved.

II.      Treasurer’s Report:   Art Sterling, Treasurer, discussed the monthly transaction report- YTD.  John Enyart moved to approve, David Hartley seconded, motion approved.

III.      Committee Report(s):  None

IV.      Topics for Discussion and Resolution:

·         Introductions:  LTC Kevin Field

·         GMM 31 Jan 2012

·         Suggestions for the Newsletter

·         Annual Meeting – Washington D.C., 8-12 Oct. – President Report

·         Changes after 30 DEC 2011 – Moved to stay at current location

 V.      Miscellaneous

·         Next Meeting 17 NOV 2011 for EXCOMM

·         Northwest Ohio Chapter 16 NOV 2011 – Chapter will act as Treasurer for Satellite location and sponsor the site until it becomes a stand-alone Chapter.

VI.      Good and Welfare

VII.      Adjournment:  1825 hrs.

Minutes submitted by:  Cassie Large