Chapter Events

    15SEPT2011 EX-COMM 




    15 September 2011

    1730 hrs.

    Present:  Charles Hollar, Tim Hilton, Russell Ward, John Enyart and Cassie Large

    Absent:  John Fair, Chip Hassey, Dean Boerger, Ralph Veppert, Bob Redfield, David Hartley and Art Sterling


    I.           Approval of Minutes from the 18 August 2011 EXCOMM:  Russell Ward moved to approve, John Enyart seconded, motion approved.

    II.         Treasurer’s Report:  President Hollar advised the Central Ohio Chapter was awarded the Gold Level of President’s Club and received a $400.00 check from AUSA.

    III.        Committee Report(s): None

    IV.        Topics for Discussion and Resolution

    ·         Introductions:  None

    ·         GMM 27 September 2011 –Recruiting Command Speakers are LTC Dan Shank and Major Tim Hilton

                                                                   i.      Pamphlets

                                                                 ii.      Flags

                                                                iii.      Photo:  John Enyart volunteered to take the photos at the GMM

    ·         Annual Meeting – Washington, D. C. , 8-12 October 2011

                                                                   i.      The Delegation:  20 people from the Central Ohio Chapter will be attending

    ·         2011 POW/MIA Ceremony – DSCC, 16 September 2011

                                                                   i.      President Hollar will attend and represent the chapter

    ·         Changes after 30 December 2011

                                                                   i.      Location starting in November 1580 King Ave Suite 103 – May not have to move to new location.  Will vote on it next EX-COMM meeting

    V.            Miscellaneous

    ·         Next Meeting 20 October 2011

    VI.          Good and Welfare

    VII.         Adjournment

    Submitted by:

    Cassie Large, Acting Secy