Noncommissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) 

NCOES is one of the key things that made the NCO Corps what it is today. The Corps is the envy of every Army in the world. NCOES will remain a viable pillar of NCO Leader Development- a solid foundation to build the skills needed to lead and train the Army of all the tomorrows. We’ll continue to send soldiers to NCOES courses, maybe not during an operational deployment, but we have the time and the duty to provide NCO Leader Development training. The bottom line is that we will continue to have an NCOES that provides progressive, sequential training to our NCO Corps. I believe, also, that not only will it be at the same high standards as years past, but as we leverage technology and distance learning where it makes sense, it will serve the Army and the NCO Corps of the 21st Century well. It’s exciting times for educating the NCOs of the future. We are harnessing and leveraging new technologies which will afford new avenues and unlimited possibilities for educating our NCOs.

SMA Robert E. Hall

NCOES provided the foundation for building an Army that is second to none and a quality NCO Corps that is admired and respected by countries throughout the world.

SMA Richard A. Kidd

Our Army has invested heavily into building a strong Noncommissioned Officer Corps. Our Army has made a wise investment.

SMA Julius W. Gates

NCOES does not produce noncommissioned officers. It will not nor was it ever intended to do so. The NCOES builds upon the training conducted by the unit to further the development of that noncommissioned officer. NCOES teaches NCOs how to be better NCOs. It teaches them things that can’t be taught in a unit. The curriculum and association with fellow NCOs prepares a young sergeant for leadership. Any time we give NCOs more knowledge, we make them, their unit, and the Army better. Leaders are made, not born.

SMA Glen E. Morrell

In NCOES we work on a soldier’s potential, better equip him to understand himself, his abilities, and his role on the Army team. The NCOES provides a means of ensuring the quality NCO’s continued contribution to a constantly modernizing Army. These training systems are more than merely some more schools; they are true educational institutions. The entire system available to the enlisted force continues to improve and is the prime catalyst in producing a more professional force. This training, because the soldier can see a career pattern develop, is another reason why he becomes motivated. NCOES is the catalyst for the magnificent training NCOs are receiving today.

It’s not evident to the whole Army, but my contribution was to the NCOES. In my visits to the field, I found out that there was money being used by commanders- that should be used for educational purposes- that was going into field exercises. I got an audience with General Maxwell Thurman and I spent about two hours with him. When the conversation was all finished, he said, “Sergeant Major, NCOES is not going to go away because of money.” That two hours, out of my whole four-year tour, I think was worth it to the Army, and to the NCO Corps.

Schools and their training offer better ways to do things, but only through experience are we able to capitalize on this learning. The process of profiting from mistakes becomes a milestone in learning to become a more efficient soldier. Remember the lessons that my generation learned the hard way on the battlefields of World War II. Although we may be leaving active-duty, our experience remains in the military textbooks and in the military histories. Take advantage of it.

SMA William G. Bainbridge

All that attendance at NCOES does is enhance the intellectual capabilities of the NCO. The individual NCO must then apply the information made available. We’re sold on NCOES. Our people come out of NCOES courses walking tall and eager to take on the world. It’s the only way to fly and we like the flight plan a little better each time we attend an NCOES graduation.

SMA Leon L. Van Autreve