In Conclusion 

In Conclusion:

Soldiers are the guardians of freedom, liberty, and the sacred values and trust of the American people and our nation. Values are what built this country. Values are what keep us going.

What is all this emphasis placed on values and devotion to duty about? It is all about surviving in this hectic, imperfect world; it is all about being free to live life to its fullest and in that great intangible virtue possessed by all Americans- a commitment to service. It is about keeping our nation free.

SMA Glen Morrell

And a Final Word from SMA Robert E. Hall

We’ve got to take the love of the Army, the Army traditions, and the Army values into the 21st century with us. We must take the time and the effort, and do the training so that as new soldiers work through the soldierization process they will incorporate the Army values into their daily lives and service. This will only help as they progress from being good soldiers into being great sergeants. Think about what it means to be a sergeant. It boils down to two things: you have to train soldiers and you have to lead soldiers. Now, there are a lot of things involved in training and leading, but it’s really those two things. We’ll keep our eye on the future and make sure we bring the NCO Corps into the 21st Century. I believe that as long as we have units that encourage, demonstrate, and demand excellence, and as long as we have soldiers who live the Army values, our Army and our soldiers will always be able to say “When we were needed, we were there.