Army Awards 

Ralph E. Haines, Jr. Award

Prior to 1972, there was no award specifically designed to recognize United States Army Reserve Drill Sergeants. In 1972, Headquarters, Continental Army Command recommended to the Department of the Army that an award be given to the United States Army Reserve Drill Sergeant of the Year. The Ralph E. Haines, Jr. Award is named in honor of General Ralph E. Haines, Jr., Commander, Continental Army Command, from November 1970 to January 1973.

Stephen Ailes Award

In the fall of 1963, Mr. Stephen Ailes, the Under Secretary of the Army, recommended that formalized training and special recognition be given to enlisted trainers. His recommendation resulted in the formation of the United States Army Drill Sergeant program in the fall of 1964. The responsibility for recruit training was then placed mainly on the shoulders of Drill Sergeants and was an instant success.

Dr. Mary E. Walker

When she graduated, the only female in her class from Syracuse Medical College in 1855, she became one of the few women physicians in the country. At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, Dr. Walker, then 29, journeyed to Washington D.C. and applied for an appointment as an Army surgeon, much to the shock of the Medical Department, which rejected her with considerable verbosity.