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Sergeants Major of the Army 

The Sergeant Major of the Army is the highest ranking noncomissioned officer in the Army.

14th SMA - Raymond F. Chandler, III
MARCH 2011 - Present
Army Chief of Staff, GEN Raymond T. Odierno

13th SMA - Kenneth O. Preston
JANUARY 2004 - MARCH 2011
Army Chief of Staff: GEN George W. Casey, Jr.

12th SMA - Jack L. Tilley
JUNE 2000 - JANUARY 2004
Army Chief of Staff: Eric C. Shinseki

11th SMA - Robert E. Hall
OCTOBER 1997 - JUNE 2000
Army Chiefs of Staff: Dennis J. Reimer, Eric C. Shinseki

10th SMA - Gene C. McKinney
JULY 1995 - OCTOBER 1997
Army Chief of Staff: Dennis J. Reimer

9th SMA - Richard A. Kidd
JULY 1991 - JUNE 1995
Army Chief of Staff: Gordon R. Sullivan

8th SMA - Julius W. Gates
JULY 1987 - JUNE 1991
Army Chief of Staff: Carl E. Vuono

7th SMA - Glen E. Morrell
JULY 1983 - JUNE 1987
Army Chief of Staff: John A. Wickham, Jr.

6th SMA - William A. Connelly
JULY 1979 - JUNE 1983
Army Chief of Staff: Edward C. Meyer

5th SMA - William G. Bainbridge
JULY 1975 - JUNE 1979
Army Chiefs of Staff: Frederick C. Weyand, Bernard W. Rogers

4th SMA - Leon L. Van Autreve
JULY 1973 - JUNE 1975
Army Chiefs of Staff: Creighton W. Abrams, Frederick C. Weyand

3rd SMA - Silas L. Copeland
OCTOBER 1970 - JUNE 1973
Army Chiefs of Staff: William C. Westmoreland, Bruce Palmer, Jr. (Acting), Creighton W. Abrams

2nd SMA - George W. Dunaway
Army Chief of Staff: William C. Westmoreland

1st SMA - William O. Wooldridge
JULY 1966-AUGUST 1968
Army Chiefs of Staff: Harold K. Johnson, William C. Westmoreland