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NCO Update is published quarterly by the AUSA Institute of Land Warfare to help senior Army noncommissioned officers keep up to date on matters affecting the military profession and to better inform their soldiers. Reproduction is encouraged.

NCO Update would like to hear from you. We want to know your opinions and possibly publish them in future issues. Please send your letters to Editor, NCO Update, AUSA, 2425 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201. Letters are also accepted via e-mail at with the subject line “Letters to the Editor.”


2016 NCO Updates
2nd Quarter 2016: Senior NCO Punches PTSD in the Face (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2016: Brainpower is the Next Frontier in Army's Arsenal (Lead Story)


2015 NCO Updates
4th Quarter 2015: Mark Milley, 39th Chief of Staff, Army (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2015: Five Steps to Lead Servicemembers through a Successful Transition (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2015: New NCOER Expected to More Accurately Assess Soldiers' Performance (Lead Story)

1st Quarter 2015:

Military Basketball Programs Retain Soldier for Life (Lead Story)


2014 NCO Updates
4th Quarter 2014: Soldiers Should Be Trained Like Elite Athletes (Lead Story)

3rd Quarter 2014:

Joint Meeting Helps Aerial Delivery Collaboration (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2014: Thousands Using New ArmyFit Site for Self-improvement (Lead Story)

1st Quarter 2014:

Odierno: Sequestration Would Make Even One Major Operation Difficult (Lead Story)


2013 NCO Updates
4th Quarter 2013: Recreation Centers Offer Value to Troops, Families (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2013: Command Sergeant Major Jimmie Spencer Retires from AUSA (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2013: Army Senior Leaders on the Effects of Sequestration (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2013: An NCO's Commitment and Journey (Lead Story)


2012 NCO Updates 
4th Quarter 2012: Fostering Resilience in Army Children (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2012: Summer Brings Free Passes and Special Deals to Servicemembers (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2012: Budget Cuts Affect NCOs’ Reenlistment Opportunities (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2012: Tax Credits to Benefit Veterans Signed into Law (Lead Story)



 2011 NCO Updates

4th Quarter 2011: Three NCO Leaders Honored with Strickland Award (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2011: New NCO Promotion Points System Instituted (Lead Story) 
2nd Quarter 2011:

Chandler Succeeds Preston as Sergeant Major of the Army (Lead Story)

1st Quarter 2011: First Female, an NCO, Wins Soldier of the Year Award (Lead Story)

 2010 NCO Updates

4th Quarter 2010: Master Resilience Training Increases Presence, Receives Positive Reviews (Lead Story)
3rd Quarter 2010: Army Releases Much-Anticipated Report on Risky Behaviors and Suicide Prevention (Lead Story)
2nd Quarter 2010: NCO should take advantage of GI Bill transferability (Lead Story)
1st Quarter 2010: New involuntary early separation program begins (Lead Story)

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