Top 10 Reasons to Belong to the Association of the United States Army 



AUSA is the Army’s professional association and has – for 60 years – provided support for Soldiers and family members.

And, I believe that every Soldier should be a member.

AUSA’s strength can be found in its membership and chapters. That’s why membership is important.

Members give us clout and credibility on Capitol Hill.

Members are the lifeblood of AUSA.

AUSA is the voice for America’s Army, and the more members we have the more effective we are.

With every new member, our voice becomes stronger! Every year, right about now, AUSA’s 123 worldwide chapters are working on their 2010 membership campaigns.

Plans are being approved, committees are being formed and speakers are being recruited for upcoming membership events.

In the spirit of David Letterman, I have assembled my top 10 reasons why you should be a member of AUSA. I have limited myself to 10, but the fact of the matter is, I have just scratched the surface.

I am sure you could add all the great things that your chapter is doing and the list would be considerably longer.

So here we go.

The top 10 reasons for belonging to the Association of the United States Army:

10 AUSA educational programs produce over 100 Army advocacy publications each year.
9 AUSA publishes an award-winning professional magazine and newspaper with circulation worldwide.
8 AUSA conducts professional development forums focusing on contemporary military issues throughout the year.
7 AUSA is your voice on Capitol Hill.
6 AUSA is for everyone – active, guard, reserve, retirees, veterans, govern- ment employees, family members, industry partners, business men and women, and concerned citizens.
5 AUSA’s Annual Meeting and Exposition held in October in Washington is the largest and most important professional development forum in the world.
4 AUSA chapters gave nearly three quarters of a million dollars to benefit soldiers and families last year.
3 AUSA and its chapters award thousands of dollars in scholarships annually to soldiers and family members.
2 You believe in AUSA’s mission: Keep America’s Army Strong!
1 And the number one reason for being a member of AUSA: You are a professional Soldier, a leader – and the Association of the United States Army is the Army’s professional organization; Your Association! Individually we are “Army Strong” – Together we are AUSA!

Still Serving!