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May 2011 Updates  

5/26/2011 12:00 AM 

Family Programs Update 30 May 2011

  • AUSA Military Family Forum Annual Meeting Registration
  • Nebraska Supports Military Kids
  • Vets Panel Won’t Freeze GI Bill Living Stipends
  • DoD-VA Spending Bill

Family Programs Update 23 May 2011

  • Effort Begins to Guard Pay Before Debt Deadline
  • Officials: Charities Grow More Important to DoD
  • Bill Would Speed Troops Through TSA Checkpoints
  • DoD Makes Progress in Civilian Hiring Reform

Family Programs Update 9 May 2011

  • New Bill Could Impact Military Life
  • New Bill Restores Fairness to GI Bill
  • Proposed Combat Pay Increase
  • Senate Hearings on Vet Unemployment

Family Programs Update 2 May 2011

  • DCoE Releases New Children of Military Service Members Resource Guide
  • TRICARE Online Improves Health Data Access
  • National Center for PTSD Mobile App: PTSD Coach
  • Army Telebehavioral Project Broadens Access to mental Health Care