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Your Room at the End
By: Charlie Hudson
Publisher: BookBaby

After witnessing the decline and ultimate death of a loved one,  author Charlie Hudson knew she needed to radically change her  views on the realities of aging.  Hudson departs from her usual  subject matter to tackle issues of aging, mental decline, and death—topics we, as a society, so often seek to avoid.

Surviving the Folded Flag: Parents of War Share Stories of Coping Courage, and Faith
By Deborah H. Tainsh

ISBN 978-1-934617-13-7
6" x 9" Paperback. 184 pages $14.95

"Survivng the Folded Flag: Parents of war share stories of coping, courage, & faith"  is a complilation of 25 Gold Star parent journeys that offers others hope and inspiration through the sacrifice and death of a child in war.  Surviving includes the biographies and pride surrouonding
these family heroes who served in all branches of the U.S. military. Also included is a bonus essay by a soldier sharing his casualty assistance officer experience, and another by a soldier sharing his experience of grief on the battlefield.  The essays and appendix provides specific
information for the grieving and those seeking to help.
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David and Deborah Tainsh were living the happiest years of their lives until the dark morning of February 12, 2004, when a six a.m. knock at the door brought the news that their son, Sergeant Patrick Tainsh, had been killed in Iraq.  In the wake of their loss, David and Deborah battle horrific grief and anger while trying to hold their marriage—and one another—together in an unforgettable journey toward healing.

A portion of the proceeds from Heart of a Hawk is donated to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, a nonprofit organization that provides grief support to the families of fallen military personnel.

ISBN 0-9657483-8-3
6" x 9" Paperback. 192 pages $14.95

Available at retailers, military exchanges, and online at and To order direct, please call 651-357-8770.