History & Memoir 

Army Wives on the American Frontier
By Anna Bruner Eales
Published by Johnson Books, 1996
ISBN 1555661661

Using the stories of over 50 women who followed their soldier husbands into the American frontier, Eales describes the hardships of lonely duty posts, disease and privation experienced by these Army wives and how, with humor and perseverance, they managed to overcome those challenges.

Army Wives: Veterans Without Glory
By Louise Lawrence Fuller
Published by 1stbooks, 2001
ISBN 0759605998

Memoir of an Army wife detailing life with her husband from World War II to the Korean Conflict.

Dear Catharine, Dear Taylor: The Civil War Letters of a Union Soldier and his Wife
Edited by Richard L. Kiper
Published by University of Kansas Press, 2002
ISBN 070061205X

The correspondence between a Union soldier and his wife reveals their thoughts about the Civil War, family life and separation.

After the Flag has been Folded: A Daughter Remembers the Father she Lost to War – and the Mother who Held her Family Together
By Karen Spears Zacharias
Published by HarperCollins, 2006
ISBN 0060721499

Karen Spears recounts her life from the moment in 1966 when she learned her father had died in Vietnam and ending when she makes a pilgrimage to the battlefield where her father died. The book honors both her father’s memory and the sacrifices made by her widowed mother as she raised three children in rural Tennessee.