Books for Military Children 

9/7/2012 12:00 AM 

A selection of books and other media to help military children understand military life and to help them cope with deployment and reunion.

Love and Memories: Activities for Kids Who Have Lost a Loved One
By Susan B. Weaver
Published by Brightline Publishing
ISBN: 9780982949092

Love & Memories offers a sensitive and healthy way for kids 4-14 to cope with the loss of a loved one. Through carefully structured activities children work through their grief as they create a keepsake scrapbook that forever captures their love and memories for the special person. This book can be so important in helping children find their own unique way to say goodbye.

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Worry Busters! Activities for Kids Who Worry Too Much
By Susan B. Weaver
Published by Brightline Publishing
ISBN: 9780982949078

Sometimes children worry too much. Worry Busters! is an activity book that helps open the lines of communication with kids 6-14. Through carefully structured activities like drawing pictures, writing silly poems, making checklists and animal sizing different worries, this book helps children not only understand their worries, but learn simple ways to deal with them.

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Heroes! Activities for Kids Dealing with Deployment
By Susan B. Weaver
Published by Brightline Publishing
ISBN: 9780982949009

Heroes! is a beautifully designed and produced activity book offering creative and healthy ways for kids 4-14 to deal with their parent’s deployment. The book gently walks children through carefully structured activities like drawing pictures, gathering photos and finding new ways to relax, express anger and keep in touch. Heroes! helps to reassure children while also helping them understand the important work their parent is doing.

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Forever Friend: Activities for Kids Who Have Lost a Pet
By Susan B. Weaver
Published by Brightline Publishing
ISBN: 9780982949085

 Forever Friend offers creative and healthy ways for kids 4-14 to cope with the loss of a pet. Through carefully structured activities like gathering photos, drawing pictures, planning a memorial service and even writing a special song for their pet, this book gently walks children through what is often their first experience with death and loss.

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Finding My Way
By: Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D. & DeAnne M. Sherman
Published by Beaver's Pond Press in 2005
ISBN: 1-59298-117-8

Finding My Way: A Teen’s Guide to Living with a Parent Who Has
Experienced Trauma is an invaluable tool in the hands of those so
often forgotten in dealing with trauma: the teenagers who are
confused and frightened by what is happening. Practical in its
format, clearly and concisely written, this vital resource avoids
jargon and fills a desperate need for these families. For more
information about Finding My Way, please see their website

Mom Of Many Hats
By: Debbie Fink & Lisa Perea Hane, MFA
Published by: Harmony Hearth, LLC
ISBN 978-0-9678871-3-5

It's summertime, and Olivia and Brad find out that their
energetic momhas cancer. Their carefree lives are
turned upside down. They feel helpless and scared,
among other emotions. As predicted, mom's hair
falls out during chemotherapy. Seeing their mom
down, Olivia comes up with a brilliant idea that takes
on a life of its own. She and Brad, with the help of
Grandma and Dad, plan a surprise for their mom:
they throw her the happiest hat shower ever.

Home Again
By: Dorinda Silver Williams
Published by: Zero to Three
ISBN 978-1-934019-30-6

Home Again is a children's board book designed by ZERO TO THREE to support young children, as well as their parents and caregivers, through post deployment reunification. This book addresses family change and connectedness from the young child's perspective capturing the range of emotions and experiences that can be associated with post-deployment reunification.

Over There, (comes as a Mommy or Daddy version)
By: Dorinda Silver Williams
Published by: Zero to Three

Over There is a children's board book created by ZERO TO THREE designed to provide reassurance and comfort to young children when a military parent is deployed. Families can use this book during deployment and as a tool to help foster a smooth reunification. Available in Mommy and Daddy verisions.

Ultimate kids' Money Book
By: Neale S. Godfrey
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division
ISBN: 9780439407342

This book will answer so many money questions such as: Why do we have money? & Where do we get it?  You will learn how money worked long ago, and how it still works today.  It will aslo teach you about budgeting, saving and investing.  And, most of all, you will see that when it comes to money, you have many choices.

Klinger, A Story of Honor and Hope
By: Betsy Beard
Publisher: TAPS
ISBN: 9780578054315

Based on a real horse that serves in the Caisson Platoon in Arlington National Cemetery, this work of fiction was written for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors in honor of all of America's beloved fallen heroes.


Dear Baby, I’m Watching Over You
By Carol Casey
Publisher: Dear Baby Books
ISBN 9780982097236

Dear Baby, I'm Watching Over You reassures children in military families how a parent away on deployment or training still stays connected every day through a series of small and loving moments.  It also helps them understand why a parent chooses to serve and that protecting our country is one way they are always watching over them.

Love Spots
By: Karen Panier
Published by Mirror Publishing
ISBN 9781936352449 

Do you know the REAL reason camouflage uniforms have all those spots?  It’s a story every military dad or mom should share with their children. Children from military families will enjoy the warmth of their parent’s love as they are read this endearing book. Parents from any branch of the service, stationed at home or deployed, will undoubtedly recognize a memory in Love Spots that touches their own heart.

My Story                 
By Michelle D. Sherman, PhD, DeAnne M. Sherman
Published by Beaver's Pond Press, Inc.
ISBN 9781592983032

My Story: Blogs by Four Military Teens is a series of blogs by four military teens that highlights their feelings and experiences before, during, and after parental deployment. It provides support and education for all military teens and pre-teens by honoring their unique joys and sacrifices, addressing their fears and hopes, and exploring how parental deployment affects their lives.  Although the four youth in "My Story" are fictional, the stories are real—the blogs are a compilation of real life experiences of military kids the authors have been honored to meet and learn from.  "My  Story" can also serve as a tool to educate civilian youth and adults about the military family experience.



You and Your Military Hero
By Sara Jensen-Fritz, Paula Jones-Johnson, 
and Thea L. Zitzow
Published by Beaver's Pond Press
ISBN 9781592982684

You and Your Military Hero helps children learn positive coping skills during a loved one's deployment an empowers children and military families to maintain positive outlooks during this challenging time.

A friendly dog named Flipp guies the child on a journey of positive, solution-focused, and instructive activities.  By practicing the activities in this book, children develop coping competencies that they can apply throughout their lifetime.

America’s White Table
By Margot Theis Raven
Illustrated by Mike Benny
Published by Sleeping Bear Press
ISBN 1585362166

The White Table is a tradition begun during the Vietnam War to remember those held prisoner of war or missing in action. This book helps children learn about the symbolism of the White Table through the story of three children who learn about their uncle’s service in Vietnam.

My Hero: Military Kids Write About Deployment
Edited by Allen Appel and Mike Rothmiller
Foreword by General H. Norman Schwartzkopf
Published by St. Martin’s Press
ISBN 0312373465

My Hero contains over one hundred essays and drawing from children whose parents are serving or have served in the military. The children’s writings reveal loving, funny, sometimes sad, but always heartfelt expressions of pride in their parents.


You and Me Make Three
By Gwendy Mangiamele, Wendy Lokken & Edna Cucksey Stephens
Illustrated by Heather Drescher
Published by EDCO Publishing
ISBN 0979808804

The first book in the B.B. (Book & Bear) book series, you and Me Make Three helps young children cope with the challenges of divorce and separation. Military families can receive a 20% discount on B.B. The Bear and You and Me Make Three by purchasing online at and entering the discount code “ccpatriotic-03”.


Rock USA and the American Way
By Edna Cucksey Stephens
Illustrated by Mark J. Herrick
Published by EDCO Publishing
ISBN 0971269270

Join American Eagle, Rock U.S.A.™ and fireinds on a patriotic journey through the alphabet. From American Dream, to Core Democratic Values, to Literacy, to Yankee Doodle, to Time Zones and Zip Codes, this book showcases American events, places, people and concepts that are the foundation of freedom and the American way of life.

My Mommy Wears Combat Boots
By Sharon G. McBride
Published by AuthorHouse
ISBN 1434351645

Written by a Soldier and mother, this book is intended to help children who are separated from their mother by deployment. The book is aimed at preschool children.

We Serve Too
By Kathleen Edick and Paula Johnson
Published by Wee The People Publishing

This touching book deals honestly with deployment from a young child's point of view, linking daily activities of parent and child, while honoring a child's own sacrifice and service to country. Each book comes with a dog tag and a pull out activity sheet with ideas to keep families connected.

That's My Hope: Featuring a Gallery of Multi-generational Artwork
By Lil Ingram and Marlene Lee
Published by Early Light Press, 2nd Ed.
ISBN 9780979917912

That's My Hope is designed to foster communication and understanding among children and adults regarding disability, trauma, injury, illness -- and resilience and hope.

The Hero In My Pocket
By Mariene Lee
Published by Early Light Press, LLC
ISBN 9781419601521

The Hero in My Pocket is an interactive book for children affected by the death of a loved one who served in the United States Armed Forces.

The Adventures of Brisky Bear and Trooper Dog
By Phil Calloway
Published by Glory Be Collectibles

When Brisky Bear goes upriver, his best friend is sad until he finds three clues that just might put a smile back on his face. Learn with Trooper Dog how to Be Kind, Be Friendly, and Be Thankful. Book includes a drama CD with songs from the story!

Thumbs up to RED, WHITE & BLUE!
By Michelle Bain
Published by Pixie Stuff™ L.L.C.
ISBN 0979583225

In Thumbs Up to the Red, White & Blue!, Thumbs Up Johnnie™ and his friends take a trip through history to learn about national monuments, the Constitution and being a good citizen. Join Johnnie's friends from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard in giving our country a big "Thumbs Up."

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Daddy Got His Orders
By Kathy Mitchell
Published by T.J. Publishing Company
ISBN 0976081105

A book about a 5 year old that learns why his daddy must leave for a deployment.
Daddy You're My Hero
By Michelle Ferguson-Cohen
Published by Little Redhaired Girl Publishing
ISBN 0972926402

A book designed to help kids (ages 4-8) deal with deployment of their father.
Mommy You're My Hero
By Michelle Ferguson-Cohen
Published by Little Redhaired Girl Publishing
ISBN 0972926437

A book designed to help kids (ages 4-8) deal with deployment of their mother.
To Keep Me SAFE!
By Sarah R. Jones, M.S.
Published by State of Growth Publishing
ISBN 0974028908

A young boy explains how he copes with the deployment of his friend, a soldier in the United States Army.

A Year Without Dad
By Jodi Brunson
Published by Ithaca Press
ISBN 0974068314

The story will give children a clear picture of how long a year is and how long the year might feel like when the parent is deployed.

The Bear Under the Stairs
By Helen Cooper
Published by Puffin, 1997
ISBN 0140560947

A little boy throws food beneath the stairs of his house each day to appease the ferocious grizzly bear that he believes lives in the closet under the stairs.

Harry and the Terrible Whatzit
By Dick Gackenbach
Published by Houghton Mifflin Company, 1984
ISBN 0899192238

When his mother goes to the cellar and doesn't return right away, Harry goes down to search for her and confronts the terrible two-headed Whatzit.

The Kissing Hand
By Audrey Penn
Published by Child Welfare League of America, 1993
ISBN 0878685855

When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.

There's an Alligator Under My Bed
By Mercer Mayer
Published by E.P. Dutton, 1987
ISBN 0803703740

The alligator under his bed makes a boy's bedtime a hazardous operation, until he lures it out of the house and into the garage.

Will I Have a Friend?
By Miriam Cohen and Lillian Hoban
Published by Aladdin Paperbacks, 1989
ISBN 0689713339

A little boy's anxieties on his first day at school are quickly forgotten when he makes a new friend.

It's a Family Thanksgiving! A Celebration of an American Tradition for Children and Their Families
By Debbie Fink
Published by Harmony Hearth, 2004
ISBN 0967887100

This holiday workbook puts the "thanks" back into Thanksgiving for school-age children as well as parents and educators. This adventure-filled journey whisks readers away on a voyage into the past, where they discover the holiday's history, heroes, and heroines.

A Sesame Street DVD Helping Families During Military Deployment

These free bilingual kits will help military families cope with feelings, challenges, and concerns experienced during different phases of deployment: pre-deployment, deployment and homecoming.