AUSA Family Programs has a limited number of prints by artist Richard E. Thompson to give away.

To obtain a copy of either print, courtesy of AUSA Family Programs, please click here.  Prints will be made available on a first come, first serve basis. 

The artist, Richard E. Thompson, has been a designer and technical illustrator with Lockheed Martin for over nineteen years. Although Thompson normally illustrates the triumphs of military technology, he felt a special calling to celebrate the unsung heroes of the military forces, the Army Family.

 The Noble Calling

The Noble Calling

The Noble Calling is an original artwork commissioned by the Army Family Liaison Office. The painting honors the sacrifices made by military families everyday as they support their loved ones serving in the United States Armed Forces. The print depicts two Army families against the backdrop of Army history, including depictions of the “Buffalo Soldiers” and the Revolutionary War.

Adding to the poignancy of this piece is the date when it was completed and signed-September 11th 2001- a day that showed once again the reality of the sacrifices made by servicemembers and their families.