Military Life 

A Handbook for Family & Friends of Service Members
(Limit of two (2) per request)
handbook and video aimed to help families and friends prepare for the emotional challenges encountered before, during and after deployment.

Family: The Magazine for Military Families
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Features stories of military families and related advertisements.

Service Families:  Caring for Your Own While Serving Your Country's
(Limit of five (5) per request)
This booklet offers an overview of the support systems and lifestyle patterns that can help your family as you help your country.

Stress in the Military Family
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Tips to help military families understand and deal with the stresses of military life.

Making Your Marriage Stronger…When You’re Married in the Service
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Information to help military couples build a strong marriage.

Military Lingo, Time, and the LES
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Military Acronyms, Military Time and reading Leave and  Earnings Statement

Long Distance Relationships
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Information focusing on long distance relationships within the military and how to make them work.

Army Exceptional Family Member Program – A Quick Series Guide
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Information about the DoD's program to ensure that military families with special needs have access to comprehensive care.

Extended Family Caregivers -- A Quick Series Guide
(Limit of five (5) per request)
Information about Soldiers establishing caregivers for their children while deployed.

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