Materials & Publications 

Materials and Publications Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can request materials and publications?
Publications and materials are intended for military personnel and their families and so any member of the military or a military family member may request items.  Although we cannot provide large quantities of publications and materials to supply a unit Family Readiness Group we recognize that FRGs may wish to keep these materials in a resource library and so we are happy to take requests from FRG coordinators as well.

Why have you limited the quantities for many of the items?
We have limited the quantities that can be requested because of budget and inventory constraints.  We do not have the funds or resources to send out large quantities of items. However, we are more than happy to provide our supplier information to individuals, agencies, and organizations who wish to obtain large quantities of materials or publications. Please call 703-841-4300, ext. 151 or e-mail to learn more.

How often can I request items from you?
We ask that individuals or groups wait three months before submitting a second request for materials and publications. However, if you believe that you have an urgent need for an item, and cannot wait, please feel free to contact us to call 703-841-4300, ext. 151 or e-mail

Why didn’t I receive everything I requested?
We try very hard to fulfill requests in full. However, because of high demand and a limited budget there may be occasions when we must further limit the quantities we send out or when we may not be able to provide a certain item.

How long will it take to receive the items I have requested?
We try to send out items within one to two weeks of receiving the request. If you have an urgent need for any item(s) then please indicate this on the request form and/or in your communications with us.