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Many programs and resources currently exist to aid military families. Knowing where to go and what to do before a situation arises can not only give the family a sense of security, but help the deploying Soldier, so he or she can concentrate on the Army mission and come home safely.

The Internet offers a wealth of resources for the military community. The following is a list of links to government agencies, private organizations and unofficial sites that may be useful to military families. AUSA Family Readiness prides itself on researching each of these links, however, we do not necessarily endorse the information provided on each of the websites. If you find an outdated link or would like to suggest additional links, please contact

Materials and Publications
A list of many of the publications offered by AUSA Family Readiness.

Reading List
The books and articles cited here represent some of the many guides to military living and military etiquette, as well as a selection of military family histories and memoirs.