Commissaries Pass 5-Million Mark In Reusable Bags 


Commissary customers not only “save green” by cutting their average grocery bill an average of 32 percent or more – they also “think green” by using reusable shopping bags, to the tune of 5 million sold since fiscal 2006.

Sales topped the 5-million milestone at the end of January, according to agency research analysts, accounting for the assortment of environmentally friendly bags now sold around the world. Styles range from polypropylene woven mesh bags to thermal totes.

“We’re so proud of how our patrons embraced this green initiative over the years,” said Defense Commissary Agency Director and CEO Joseph H. Jeu. “Now, it’s second nature to bring along reusable shopping bags or perhaps buy a few more on the spot.”

At around a buck for a standard mesh bag, DeCA helps make “going green” budget friendly. They were introduced in October 2007, although thermal bags were available two years prior. The bags can handle up to 30 pounds of groceries, are washable and can be recycled when no longer usable. Customers can usually find these bags on racks near the checkout at their local commissary.

“Reusing bags saves the commissary money, which helps preserve the benefit by keeping operating costs down – costs paid with taxpayer dollars,” Jeu said.

In addition to the reusable bags sold at commissaries, shoppers can bring their own reusable bags or bring sturdy paper or plastic bags for reuse in bagging groceries, notifying the bagger at checkout. All bags must be clean and undamaged.