Commissaries To Add Detergent Pods 


A new alternative to large containers of liquid or powdered detergents is coming to military commissaries worldwide.

Beginning in March, commissaries will offer compact, premeasured detergent packets known as pods or power “pacs.” These new products are expected to change the way consumers do laundry, said Chris Burns, Defense Commissary Agency sales director.

“This is the future of laundry detergent, and the commissary is right up front offering the very best products available,” Burns said. “Better yet, when it hits the streets nationwide, our customers will see it at a better savings than most!” 

Commissary shoppers have already registered their opinions about pods. In late January, a manufacturer gave free samples to commissary shoppers who purchased a certain brand of liquid detergent. Customer feedback was very positive, Burns said, focusing on convenience of use and a smaller, more manageable size. 

Each brand of the new products differ when it comes to chemical makeup. For example, some offer multiple chambers to include the detergent plus stain remover and brightener in a liquid form. Others contain liquid detergent while some come in a powder format.

Commissaries will still offer the traditional forms of detergent. However, within a decade, many manufacturers are expected to phase out the larger, bulkier sizes in favor of more compact cleaning products, Burns added.

“We’ve all used the ordinary oversized detergent in our washing machines for years, many times pouring too much for the size of our loads,” he said. “These new pods or pacs take the guesswork out of laundry. And, at greatly reduced prices, they’re another reason why the commissary is worth the trip.”